Ashburnham Park, The Seat of the Earl of Ashburnham

A fine original antique hand coloured aquatint from the Repository of Arts by R. Ackermann. This one illustrating Ashburnham Park from the drawing by Stewartson. Published between 1809 - 1828. This one titled and dated 1827. Image size approx 11 x 18cm. Good margins. Ready for framing. Good condition. Rare.

Rudolph Ackermann (1764-1834), born in Stolberg, Germany, he moved to London and in 1795 set up a print shop in The Strand. He published many fine books with coloured aquatint plates and also single plates illustrating caricatures, sporting, decoration and topographical views.

Publish Year: 1828
County: Sussex
Illustrator: Rudolph Ackermann