Illustrated London News - English Homes

Founded in 1842 by Mr Herbert Ingram, The Illustrated London News or ILN was published weekly until the beginning of the 1970's and continued to be published less frequently until it ceased publication in 2003. The early issues prolifically illustrated with wood engravings covering world news and current affairs. It was alleged that in 1851 the newsaper published Joseph Paxton's famous designs for the Crystal Palace before Prince Albert had seen them and the ILN continued to increase in popularity. Between 1885 and 1895 the newspaper published articles titled 'English Homes', each illustrated with a large double page wood engraving and decorative vignettes. Many of these illustrations were drawn by George Montbard, Signed G Montbard (real name Charles Auguste Loye 1841-1905), a French artist and caricaturist.


A complete collection of George Montbard's proof wood engravings are held at The British Museum.  We have a selection of these rare original 'English Home' prints for sale in our archives and these are listed below. More will be added as we acquire them.

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