Cataloging rare pencil drawings by Alison Edwards

Over the past few weeks we have been cataloging a beautiful collection of original antique pencil drawings of Georgian country houses, many designed by the Neoclassical Architect, John Dobson (1787-1865).

These drawings, I feel are amongst some of the most interesting items we have acquired in recent years and certainly the rarest, the detail and accuracy is really quite astounding. I am biased, of course, as I have a great passion for fine works of art together with such intricate detail and precision, after twenty years in the trade, finding this collection of drawings really did excite me. For want of a better phrase, they are one off's! These drawings would normally have gone on to be used and reproduced as lithographs for books and these lithographs themselves are beautiful pieces, but these Georgian country house subjects drawn by Charles Greenwood and Frederick Peake mid 19th century did not ever make it to the lithographers - making them all the more special!

Brandling House & Mitford Hall, Northumberland, The Seat of the Mitford's, Ca.1840

22nd February 2017

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