9, Adam Street, London. The Residence of Mr E. B. Hoare, F.R.I.B.A

An original issue of The Antique Collector Magazine, a journal for lovers of the old, rare and beautiful. This issue featuring a main article on No. 9 Adam Street, The Residence of Mr. E. B. Hoare, F.R.I.B.A (of Messrs Hoare & Wheeler, Architects). A four pages article on the 'Welsh Japan' and Tortoiseshell at No. 9 with many black and white photographic illustrations of the rooms, decor, furniture, paintings, antiques collection together with a detailed write up. Publish date; March 1937. Complete magazine in good condition, some slight fraying to the spine.

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Publish Year: March 1937

County: London

Illustrator: Antique Collector