Cornwell Manor (Part-1), A Cotswold village reconditioned

An original very early issue of Country Life magazine dated May 17th 1941 featuring a main article of Cornwell Manor in Oxfordshire (Part-1), The home of Mrs. Anthony Gillson, 'A Cotswold Village Reconditioned', Mrs. Anthony Gillson, at the same time as restoring the Manor House in 1938-39, the adjoining village was completely reconditioned with the help of Mr. Clough Williams-Ellis, F.R.I.B.A.  Five page write up with black and white illustrations of Cornwell Manor House and the adjoining Village. This issue is in very good condition with a lovely portrait frontispiece of Mrs. John Winant.

Publish Date: 17th May 1941

County: Oxfordshire

Illustrator: Country Life


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