Uppark (Part-3), The Home of Admiral The Hon. Sir Herbert Meade Featherstonhaugh

An original very early issue of Country Life magazine dated June 28th 1941 featuring a main article of Uppark in Sussex (Part-3), the home of Admiral The Hon. Sir Herbert Meade Featherstonhaugh, G.C.V.O, C.B., D.S.O., a five page write up with black and white illustrations of the house interior, decor and furnishings. This issue is in very good condition with a lovely portrait frontispiece of Mrs. F. J. R. P. Needham.

Uppark is a National Trust Property. In 1989 on 30th August the building was devastated by fire caused by workmen repairing the roof. The fire broke our during opening hours, much of the ark work and furniture were carried out of the burning building by members of the Meade-Featherstonhaugh family, National Trust staff and members of the public. The contents of the garret and the first floor were lost completely. Most of the contents on the ground floor was crushed but not burnt and most of it could be salvaged. This issue is historically important as it is a record of the original interior of Uppark before it was devastated by the fire.


Publish Date: 28th June 1941

County: Sussex

Illustrator: Country Life


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